A’Court & Witchitaw earn nod from ECMA 2022 in Fredericton

The nominees for the 2022 East Coast Music Awards have been announced and Charlie A’Court & Witchitaw aren’t crying the blues over this one! The country/blues pairing have been nominated for “Country Recording of the Year” for their explosive new live album, “When Country Gets The Blues”.

"When Country Gets The Blues" - Charlie A'Court & Witchitaw
The brand new live album from Charlie A’Court & Witchitaw was recently nominated for “Country Recording of the Year” at the upcoming 2022 East Coast Music Awards this May in Fredericton, New Brunswick

This is the first ECMA nomination for country rockers Witchitaw, and for A’Court the nomination represents another example of the versatility of the 5-time ECMA winner.

“I’m so completely thrilled with the nomination,” explains A’Court. “I’ve been so excited by the idea of this project from the get go and the fact that Witchitaw and I have been able to bring this album to life has been such a joy for me.”

When Country Gets The Blues was recorded at the prestigious Cavendish Beach Music Festival in 2019, and after the pandemic struck and live music had been completely shut-down since March 2020, the pair knew it was important to be able to release this album as a reminder to fans how vital the live music experience truly is. The live album was officially release in September of 2021 and Charlie A’Court & Witchitaw was able to successfully tour their stage show across the Maritime provinces last fall.

Terry Parsons a contributing music reviewer for the Toronto Blues Society’s nationally distributed newsletter wrote, “This album is a brilliant collaboration creating a bridge between two mainstay musical genres. Witchitaw’s pure country melds seamlessly with A’Court’s dynamic blues, to create an energetic one-of-a-kind musical experience.”


The 34th annual East Coast Music Awards: Festival & Conference will be held May 4 – 8, 2022 in Fredericton, NB.