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A’Court launches heartfelt lyric video

Dear fans, friends and family,

Happy Canada Day to all Canadians here at home and to those travelling or living abroad. I want to mark this national holiday by sharing with you something very special to me. I’ve co-written a timely and heartfelt song with Lloyd Spiegel Music from Australia called, “Refuse To Fear”. 

Lloyd was touring in Brussels the day of the terrorist attacks. In the hours and days that followed, he and I wrote this song together over Skype and debuted it at the East Coast Music Awards. Since then, I’ve sung this at some particularly moving events, most recently, a vigil organized in Halifax in the wake of the Orlando shootings targeting the LGBTQ community.

These are trying and uncertain times. Watching violence and destruction pointlessly tear apart lives, leaves me feeling anxious and vulnerable. I cling to hope and am inspired when I see communities of all race, faith, gender, and sexual orientation embrace one another in solidarity and stand united in the face of evil.

With that in mind, I want to share with you a lyric video that I’ve made for “Refuse To Fear”. If you are moved by it, please share it on Facebook and Twitter or on your website and use the hashtag #RefuseToFear.

With your assistance, I know we can share this song around the world and help give a little comfort to those who can surely use it.
Happy Canada Day.


Official lyric video for Refuse To Fear

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